Scientific Journal of Guatemala

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Scientific Journal of Guatemala focuses on the impact of the food crisis on children's health in Guatemala and the preservation of Maya culture. JZL Garden has invited Dr. Li Yi to join us to complete this project.

Dr. Li Yi is an expert on the Maya civilization and the author of his upcoming book. By joining JZL Garden and Project Guatemala, he will host themed Twitter Space regularly, share local culture with videos and live streams, and give out his new books to selected Gardeners after release.

Dr. Li earned his undergraduate degree from Nankai University College of Economics and his graduate degree from Peking University School of Art. Currently, Dr. Li is the Doctoral Researcher at Yale University -The National Autonomous University of Mexico Asia-Latin America Comparative Culture Team. He currently resides in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, and his major research focuses on the Maya culture.

The center of Maya culture locates in the area of southern Mexico and Guatemala-Honduras in Central America. On the concept of Central American geography or the Maya Civilization, it appears not to be an overly popular discussion domestically. And Dr. Li's diary serves as the medium to disseminate information on such a mysterious place.

No matter it is Guatemala or Mexico, or even the whole area in Latin America, they are all facing a gigantic challenge caused by the spread of COVID-19. With the high population density in Mexico and Guatemala, the less-developed economies, and ordinary medical infrastructures, Latin America has a natural disadvantage to battle COVID-19. However, until today, compared to developed countries in North America and Europe, Central South America has performed well in combating COVID-19. As people returned to their normal lives, it is a great achievement for them when facing a deadly challenge. Dr. Li tries his best to record the battle and influences of COVID-19 in domestic Guatemala and attempts to analyze the current situation in the area.

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