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Project Vision

Everyone is born individually; we all need to be cared by nature and society.

With the fairy tale as the carrier, we aim to map nature and

living world to the Web 3.0 world, arousing the public's cognition, and

understanding of environmental protection, learning to care for nature with

a charitable heart.

The cooperation between JZL Garden and the Baubau aims to make environmental protection more visible in the fairy tale narrative, freely express the concept of environmental protection with the issuing of Baubau NFT.

We aim to carry out 4 innovations behind this NFT Project:

1. With the idea of "Everyone hugs everyone" and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) as the carrier, Baubau is an ELF - cultivation project.

2. We will open the platform to different groups of people including Baubau NFT holders, cartoonists, animation creators, sketchers, etc.; At the same time, create a platform for potential

talent discovery and incubation.

3. The project aims to extend the dimension of the covered areas to short films and mini animations etc.

4. Give out more exposure to the behind the scene team of BAUBAU and provide a communication platform between the production team, industry professionals, and Web 3.0 users.

NFT issuing date: TBD

Total amount: 2000

How to participate in Baubau

Writing articles, making video teasers, and operating community.

Become JZL members by applying full-time, part-time, or internship positions

Building websites, smart contracts, designing NFTs, or graphic or 3D models


NFT issuance for Project Baubau is currently under discussion.

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