Proudly incubated by

JZL Capital

JZL Garden is incubated by JZL Capital, which was founded in Hong Kong in 2016, focusing on research and investment in blockchain technologies. The founder possesses rich experience in both traditional finance and blockchain areas. His investment in the blockchain ecosystem started with the investment in eToro in 2018.

Team members come from industries of finance, internet, and blockchain, graduated from worldwide top institutions including The University of Chicago, Carnegie Mellon University, Rice University, The University of Washington, The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and Nanyang Technological University, as well as served in well-known firms such as Morgan Stanley, Barclays, E&Y, HNA Group, US Bank, etc.

JZL Gardeners

Dr. Justin Z

"A beam of light on this stage

is for me."

University of Chicago


"Life itself has no value,

its value lies in how to use it."



"Know thyself

and find your own Aha."

Renmin University of China


"There is no easy way

from the earth to the stars."

University of Southern California


"The unexamined life

is not worth living."

University of Illinois


"Shut your eyes and see."

Boston University


"True liberty is to have power

over oneself in all things."

Nanyang Technological University


"The growing good of the world is partly

dependent on unhistoric acts."

Northwest University