Glacier Memory

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"Glaciers, the climate heritage of human beings, preserve the climate information of the earth's evolution and the impact of human activities. They are the climate history books of the earth. The melting of glaciers caused by global warming is irreversible and irreparable. Earth's climate history books are disappearing."

The glacier memory project developed by the Polar Hub team will go to various parts of the world to actively explore and study the contribution of ice cores to climate change, and to provide more possibilities for coping with climate change and promoting ecological environment protection.

At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen sustainable operation capabilities through the joint construction of social resources and expand channels for public participation in advocacy and action to achieve sustainable use of biodiversity. In this process, the participation and benefits of local communities are always adhered to, so as to fairly and reasonably share the benefits generated by the use of natural resources.

JZL Garden has successfully cooperated with the Polar Hub team and started to build our first NFT project related to ice core exploration. It will focus on letting more people understand the problems caused by global warming. We will also hold NFT Investors to create various online and offline rights and interests so that more people can participate and protect the earth's ecological environment.

The cooperation between JZL Garden and the Polar Hub team in the Memoir of Glaciers project aims to make glacier protection more visible in Web3, freely express the concept of environmental protection, and let NFT record the eternal climate memory.

We aim to carry out 4 visions behind this NFT Project:

1. The design of the NFT combines the freedom of environmental protection expressed by JZL Garden and the vision of sustainable development of humans and nature;

2. The food crisis and global warming lead and provoke people to think about scarce resources in the world and "nature & DAO".

3. Give more exposure to expedition teams and scientific research teams around the world, and create KOLs (key people influence effect) in the expedition industry.

4. Create a communication environment for expedition teams and Web 3.0 fans, and build a discussion platform between both parties.

NFT issuing date: February 18, 2023;

Total amount: 2000

How to participate in Memoir of Glaciers

Writing articles, making video teasers, and operating community.

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Building websites, smart contracts, designing NFTs, or graphic or 3D models


We will issue our special series of NFTs for the Glacier Memory Project.

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