JZL Garden is a ReFi platform focusing on rebuilding the "School of Athens" and establishing “Renaissance” in Web 3.0 by inviting interdisciplinary elites across the globe to collaborate.




Currently, reality is full of chaos and uncertainties, yet we are fortunate that technological progress has led the world to a potential Schelling point again: Web3.0 and Metaverse have given humanity the first chance to fully communicate in shared space and time, which breaks the barriers of sovereignty. 

JZL Garden is built outside of the world of utilitarianism and is the perfect combination the philosophy, art, and technology. As a ReFi organization in Web3.0, yet not an NGO, we encourage people to put aside differences and prejudices in politics, culture, gender, and power, completely focus on the essence of world matters of human society, and provide solutions through on-chain and off-chain behaviors.

The projects we incubate and assist with are relatively small, focusing on environmental protection, equality, cultural conflict, etc. Due to their project nature, they have few valuation models and are unable to access the capital markets through IPO. Hence it is difficult for young people to pay attention to scientific projects with particularity. However, we are determined to change this by facilitating their NFTs issuance processes, accomplishing the capitalization of Web 3.0. Perhaps we will have the next Director-General of WHO from our environmental protection projects.

We sincerely welcome young people to join our website to participate in or launch projects. JZL Garden will support all listed projects, regardless of size, type, or background, by connecting top scientists, providing financial and technical assistance, and offering promotion resources throughout the progress.       


Pilot Season: School of Athens

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